It is a prestigeous and unique Slovak Award which reward non-governmental organizations for their work. In the year 2012 there were 79 organizations trying to achieve this Award in three different cathegories: social inclusion, education, community development.

An independent committee consisting of the specialists in the particular cathegories decide about awarding.

In the cathegory of Community development the non-governmental organization Mission of the Youth got the second prize for the Program of Helping Families in Need, through which the organization tries to solve the problems of these families in the whole Orava region.

For more information about the Nadácia Orange Award for the year 2012 click here (in Slovak) or here (in English).

For watching video from the rewarding click here.


About us

Civic association MISSION OF THE YOUTH was founded 17 January 2003.

The primary objective of the association is the alternative use of leisure time activities for children and young people, prevention of drug addiction and zoom the spiritual and cultural values ​​to children and young people without distinction of race, sex, language, religion and political leanings.

Principal activity is the provision of assistance to children and families who find themselves in crisis, organization of leisure activities and volunteer program.


Mgr. Anton Michalica, PhD.

Bc. Peter Krššák

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